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RSJ Joins National Soccer League's Expansion!

Club First approach drives the decision

Real San Jose announced today that it is joined the westward expansion of the National Soccer League (NSL) as an inaugural member of the Pacific conference. RSJ will compete in the CA North division. The league's "club's first" philosophy is the reason for the move. The NSL provides top-class amateur clubs with a low-cost platform packed with features and benefits. The step promises to make RSJ a more energetic club for members and fans.

"Everything about the NSL helps clubs maintain stability, and a key factor is a comparatively low cost to participate in a National League," said RSJ manager Nick Arellano. The lower annual fees are a great benefit to clubs. Many clubs get frustrated with the high costs of membership and player registration. As a result, the NSL has lowered these costs to approximately 30% of other national leagues; therefore, clubs will have more money to invest in local needs. Not only is the price more reasonable, but it comes packed with features.

A significant portion of the Pacific Conference's annual membership fee comes directly back to clubs. This "club first" approach is excellent. Each club receives game balls, stadium banner, league patches, a website, and 22 player registrations. The move to the new league has real benefits.

While the features of Pacific conference membership are many, it is the overall benefits that led RSJ to make a move. This approach is an essential "club first" philosophy. Perhaps the most crucial advantage is that the members of the league have agreed to work together to generate and share division-wide sponsorship. For example, the clubs will share revenue generated from stadium banners, website advertising, game streaming, and whatever else comes up. There is finally a national league that puts "clubs first," and RSJ is excited to participate.

By joining the Pacific Conference of the NSL, RSJ has partnered with the top clubs in the Bay Area to bring soccer fans a great amateur soccer experience. The league's "club's first" philosophy is the reason. RSJ will benefit significantly from the comprehensive approach of lower cost, increased features, and revenue-generating opportunities. 

"I know, having experienced amateur soccer at the national level since 2007, that the "club first" philosophy is the only way to go forward. I hope other top clubs explore the possibility of joining us," said Arellano.