Official Name: Real San Jose Soccer Club
Nickname: RSJ
Home venue: PAL Stadium 680 S. 34th Street, San Jose
Founded: 2007
Other WebPage RealSanJose.net
Phone: 408.766.4775
email: rsj@realsanjose.socer

Real San Jose launched in 2007 during the time major league soccer deserted the San Jose soccer market. Founder Nick Arellano, a long time soccer publisher, writer, and original soccer blogger, decided somebody had to do something. Hence, he decided to give Real San Jose a try in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). Following the 2008 NPSL annual general meeting, Real San Jose found themselves alone in the top class amateur level as all teams had folded. Fortunately, Arellano led the way in keeping the NPSL alive in Northern California. Since that time, the National soccer scene in Northern California has steadily grown.

RSJ moved to the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) in 2017 by starting the Wild West Division. The division has grown steadily since that time.

Now RSJ has joined the National Soccer League (NSL) by founding the Pacific Conference of which Nick Arellano is the director. This will be the third time that RSJ has been a part of the national expansion of a national soccer league. This time, there is a promise of what the original NPSL was back trying to be in 2007, a league where the owners work together to build something special. This time, the NSL's "club's first" approach will ensure that RSJ and the league partners will enjoy great competition with a solid business plan.